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How To Sell Your Diamonds Online For Cash


When you decide to sell your diamonds online you can be absolutely certain that Luxury Buyers will pay you more cash for your diamond jewelry than any pawnbroker, jewelry store, or auctioneer.  At Luxury Buyers we are diamond experts, and our certified GIA gemologists have been appraising and purchasing diamonds at their highest market values for decades.  Our attention to detail, vast knowledge of luxury brands and our undisputed honesty has earned us a widely respected and unrivaled reputation for paying more cash for diamonds and jewelry than any and all other jewelry buyers.


We specialize in all diamonds and diamond jewelry, and our experts are happy to evaluate and purchase gemstones that are both certified and uncertified.  We also accept diamonds of all colors, clarities and shapes, and pay top dollar for broken and chipped precious stones.  Fancy colored gems, we specialize in those too.  Our experts have been studying and appraising rare colored diamonds for over 30 years and are paying far more cash than anyone else for your pink, blue, and canary yellow stones.


Our experts love and appreciate signed pieces.  If you’re selling diamonds or jewelry from Bulgari, Cartier, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co. or any other signature pieces you’ll be happy to know that we recognize the added value of these luxury brands and will pay you much more for them than all other buyers.  Saving your original receipts, boxes, and certificates for these items can also contribute to their value, so if you want the absolute most make sure you gather all original paperwork and packaging when contacting us.

At Luxury Buyers our goal is to make the process of selling your diamonds and jewelry online a fast, reliable, and 100% risk free experience.  From the moment you ship your diamond to the moment you receive your check, it’s the security of your items that is most important to us.  So whether you’re selling a loose diamond, diamond engagement ring, or any other piece of fine jewelry, we are proud to offer our clients free quotes, complimentary shipping and insurance throughout the entire selling process.


The first step to selling your diamonds and jewelry online is to visit and complete our form to receive your estimate.  Our form is designed to make the details of your precious stone easy to share with us.  Please provide us with as much information as possible and include any and all pictures, certificates, appraisals, or paperwork you may have so that we can give you the most accurate estimate possible.  Within just hours of submitting your information we will contact you by phone or email, at which time we will provide you with a preliminary estimate or request any additional information we may need.

Once you’ve received your preliminary estimate we will offer you a fully insured, prepaid FedEx shipping label for priority overnight delivery to our offices.  Simply double box package your valuables, attach the FedEx shipping label and either drop off at your local FedEx facility or schedule a FedEx pickupDO NOT USE A DROP BOX.  The FedEx agent must scan your package into their system and give you a drop off slip.  Only then, after it is scanned into their system is it 100% fully insured.  The insurance value will be based on the preliminary estimate given unless otherwise specified and agreed to.


Upon its arrival at our offices, you will be notified by phone or email that your package has been safely received.  We will contact you immediately if we notice any discrepancies.  Our diamond experts will carefully evaluate and appraise your valuables, and after carefully analyzing both domestic and international markets and trends, prepare for you a firm cash offer.  We will always contact you for your permission before making any adjustments to your jewelry or removing a gemstone from its setting for evaluation.


If you accept our final offer we will offer and arrange payment to you by either check or bank to bank wire transfer within 48 hours. For bank wire transfers, we suggest you verify the time it takes to process the transfer with your bank first, as all banks have their own policies, procedures, and processing speeds.  For clients who bank at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, or US Bank we also offer next day direct deposit.


While over 90% of our clients do accept our final offer, we absolutely respect your right not to.  If for any reason you should reject our offer we will immediately contact you to arrange the return shipment of your item(s) within 48 hours.  All returned items are fully insured and returned via FedEx at our expense.  If you should later decide to ship your item back to us, we will re-evaluate your item and shipping expenses will be deducted from our final offer.


Diamonds and Jewelry could come into your life for one of a number of reasons; an inheritance, divorce, or just pure luck, but whatever the reason may be, when you decide to sell your valuables it’s absolutely essential that you are dealing directly with a professional buyer.  At Luxury Buyers we pride ourselves on the services we provide and we are proud to now share them with the world.


Throughout the selling process, it's the security and protection of your luxury items that is most important to Luxury Buyers.
Our no obligation, risk free process includes free shipping, insurance, and upon accepting our final offer, immediate payments.