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Selling Your Luxury Items Online


At Luxury Buyers, we are the company you can trust in selling your valuable pieces.  We ensure the selling of your luxury pieces seamless through a streamlined and secure process.


Follow these clear and concise steps to selling and call our concierge line should you encounter any issues.


Step 1- Luxury item registration– Using our online form, register your valuables and upload a picture.  Describe your luxury piece using detailed information and include a clear photo of the item.  The online form also includes space for alternative documentation including: receipts, appraisals, certificate of authenticity or additional photos.


Step 2- Initial estimate– After carefully considering the luxury piece and documentation, we will contact you through telephone or email (at your preference) with an initial estimate. Our team of expert appraisers and gemologists have over 50 years of luxury appraisal experience and promise you a well researched and estimate done with the highest level of consideration for you item(s).


Step 3- Ship for inspection– Once you’ve accepted our initial estimate, it needs to be shipped to our offices for in-person inspection.  After you “approve the estimate”, we will ship you an insured Fedex shipping label.  For your convenience, the label is pre-paid for overnight shipping and your item is fully insured.  The item will arrive safely in our office to be inspected by our team of experts.


Step 4- Inspection and Final Offer– When we receive your item, our team of luxury experts will inspect it in our facilities.  Our appraisers handle all items with the utmost care and consideration and have over 50 years of experience with luxury goods.  Within 48-hours of uploading your item, a final buying offer will be submitted from one of our professional luxury buyers for your approval.


Step 5- Approval and Payment– Once we’ve received confirmation that you accept our final valuation, you can expect speedy and secure payment.  All payments are made through protected wire transfer or check.  Should you reject the final offer, Luxury Buyers will ship your luxury piece back to you within 48 hours through the same insured FedEx service.  Luxury Buyers will always pay the shipping costs, both ways.


Convenient And Considerate


At Luxury Buyers, we consider all your needs in the process of luxury selling.  Our services include:


  • Overnight, insured FedEx shipping at no cost to you


  • Free full insurance of every luxury item


  • Expert luxury appraisers and buyers using accurate valuing data to provide on-point estimates



  • A clear and secure buying service without a middleman or long selling processes


  • Free initial estimate and consideration of your luxury items


  • Complimentary consultation services from industry experts


  • Concierge service for questions throughout the process


  • Fast and secure payment through wire transfer or check


  • Immediate return of any unsold luxury items


Trust Luxury Buyers


Selling valuable possessions can be an arduous process.  Luxury Buyers knows that it needs to be convenient but more importantly, the buyers must be trustworthy.  We have an unmatched team of international experts in the field of appraising luxury items and gemology with over 50 years of combined experience.  They’re capable of making accurate pricing decisions that you can trust to be the best value for your item.


In addition to our trustworthy appraisal and valuation team, we also ensure secure shipping and guaranteed returns, should you change your mind.  Your luxury items will be handled with the greatest care from the minute it leaves your home until you see payment.


Designed with Simplicity and Care


Other luxury buying services include a myriad of stakeholders and long drawn-out processes with auctions and multiple buyers.  At Luxury Buyers, your entire selling experience will be with our team.  From sending the information and images of your item to receiving your payment, all of the services are provided directly through one of our professionally trained and experienced partners.  This allows us to provide a service that is more secure and ensure the best value for your items.


Luxury Buyers are your partners in selling luxury goods in every step of the process.


Estimates and Payment within 48-hours


The over 50 years of experience in luxury appraisal, consignment and authenticating gives our team the unique experience needed for making the best and fastest pricing decisions.  Our team can provide an initial estimate within 24 hours of receiving the details of your luxury item.  A final purchase prices can be provided soon after receiving and inspecting the item in our offices.   You, as the luxury seller, could see payment via wire transfer within 48 hours of posting your possession.


One Company-Less Confusion


Luxury Buyers is the sole luxury buying company.  We are not a middleman in an auction or pairing buyers and sellers.  At Luxury Buyers, we are the appraisers, inspectors, and buyers.  As such, your precious items will be shipped to us, inspected by us and then you receive payment from us.   As a seller, you are guaranteed expert inspection and valuation from our team and secure complimentary shipping with our services.  Your luxury items will travel less, be considered by only our careful experts, and you can expect fast, secure payment from Luxury Buyers.


Complimentary Consultation with the Luxury Experts


Whether it is your first time selling or you do it professionally, the process is important and our clients matter a great deal to us.  Please take advantage of our complimentary consultation services and speak with our experienced gemologists and appraisal specialists.  We, at Luxury Buyers, are happy to help you through the selling process and have the knowledge for the valuation discussions about your items.


If you have questions about shipping or payment, our Concierge service is here 24-hours a day to consult on those matters.  We can clearly answer any questions at any time during the process online or over the phone.


From upload to payment, we are the company you can trust to provide a secure and seamless selling process for your luxury goods.

Throughout the selling process, it's the security and protection of your luxury items that is most important to Luxury Buyers.
Our no obligation, risk free process includes free shipping, insurance, and upon accepting our final offer, immediate payments.