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How To Sell Your Jewelry Online For Cash


The first few rings or necklaces that you purchase – or even better, receive as a gift – are pieces you’ll probably treasure forever. After that, though, it seems that the jewelry box starts to fill up all on its own; a few years later, you’re not even sure where some of those rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets came from. You probably have favorites you wear regularly, but most of the collection never sees the light of day anymore. Add in the estate jewelry you may have inherited from a family member – and you’ve got a drawer full of beautiful stuff that’s only taking up space.


You end up with a couple of options; you can let the collection just sit there and continue to gather dust for decades, until it’s your family’s problem, not yours. OR…you can let someone else enjoy the pieces you once treasured, by selling your valuable but now-unused jewelry for top dollar.


We’re the world’s #1 buyer of fine jewelry, and we want your rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants. Our extensive clientele is eager to buy the pieces sitting in your jewelry box, and we’re ready to pay the highest prices to acquire them.


A Diamond Is Forever” was once simply an advertising slogan, but today it defines the lasting meaning and value of the precious gem in a way De Beers could only hope when it first popularized the phrase in the 1940s.


There will always be a tremendous demand for high-quality diamonds, whether showcased in a luxurious three-stone engagement ring, set in an elegant antique diamond solitaire, sparkling in a beautiful tennis bracelet or pendant, or simply spectacular loose stones ready for a designer to work his magic to create a one-of-a-kind piece.


Our clients want all of those items. Whether they’re from brand names like Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston, or stones from lesser-known sources, we’re ready to purchase them. Luxury Buyers is ready to buy diamonds ranging from half-a-carat up to 50 carats; any color, clarity or shape; certified or not certified; loose or mounted; contemporary, vintage or antique. Have valuable colored diamond jewelry, or a stone that’s in an exquisite signed setting? We’ll pay a premium for them.


As the world’s #1 buyer, we’re prepared to pay more than anyone else can – and our risk-free appraisal process will guarantee you get top dollar for the diamond jewelry you’ve tucked away for safekeeping. You can start the process today and be paid almost immediately.


The popularity of colored gemstones has exploded, and many women have added one of each to their collection over time. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds have been popular for centuries, of course, but more recently bracelets and rings featuring tanzanite, tourmaline and spinel have become “must have” pieces, at least until they’re tossed into the jewelry box in favor of something even newer. Colored diamonds have also seen a huge spike in popularity in recent years.


Luxury Buyers is ready to appraise and purchase all of your bracelets, rings and earrings, whether they’re a matching set or orphan pieces. If you have a Cartier emerald and diamond bracelet or an antique Siberian amethyst ring, we’ll make an offer which will make your pulse race. But we’re just as anxious to buy other fine pieces and they don’t have to be signed, antique or unique. We’ll appraise your nearly-forgotten sapphire tennis bracelet, the garnet-and-diamond anniversary ring you received from your ex, or the ruby earrings you don’t wear anymore, and make you the highest cash offer within days.


When you walk into a room, nothing makes more of an impression than a necklace, pendant or brooch set with fine jewels or carefully crafted from precious metals (or both). It’s the first thing people see, sparkling and shining, when they look directly at you. However, when you don’t have many chances to show it off, or a fancy new bauble has become the primary object of your affections, that pendant or necklace isn’t going to impress anyone while sitting in storage or a nightstand drawer.


Maybe it’s time to trade those pieces for cash. If you have a prized Bvlgari or Harry Winston gold-and-gemstone pendant, a delicate and whimsical Van Cleef and Arpels necklace, or a stunning antique diamond-and-pearl brooch handed down through your family, our clients are eager for them and we’re prepared to pay big for them. Other less valuable pieces are still valuable to us, though, and we can provide no-risk appraisals and the highest offers for all of them.


Many people believe the term “estate jewelry” only refers to pieces inherited from someone else. That is where the phrase came from, but today it’s more commonly used to mean any jewelry that has been previously owned – jewelry which can be exceptionally desirable. We regularly purchase estate, antique and vintage jewelry at unheard-of prices, because so many of our regular buyers want these beautiful older pieces. There’s a good chance you have two or three pieces of estate jewelry in your collection, but have no idea what they’re worth. We’ll appraise them for you and make you an offer which will top any you will receive at your local jewelry store or online.


The world’s number one buyer of luxury goods, from diamonds and jewelry to watches and purses, Luxury Buyers has carefully built its reputation for integrity and reliability. Our expert worldwide network of appraisers has accumulated decades of experience, inspecting and pricing every imaginable brand, type of jewelry and diamonds.


When you trust Luxury Buyers, you’re not just crossing your fingers that a local jeweler will recognize the true value of your pieces. You’ll be receiving honest, accurate appraisals of your diamonds and jewelry from specialists who see similar pieces regularly and understand their real worth. That depth of expertise and knowledge of worldwide markets, along with a large and active buying clientele, allows us to pay more for your luxury items than anyone else. And since we’re eager to purchase all jewelry, not just signed pieces, we want whatever you have to sell.


The process is simple. Simply call or fill out our online form to tell us about your jewelry and diamonds, and you’ll receive a preliminary estimate within one day. You can then send your items for a risk-free appraisal – Luxury Buyers pays all the postage and full insurance costs – and you’ll receive a quick, professional valuation and a top-of-the-market offer.


At this time next week, you could have cash in your hand instead of unused jewelry in your nightstand. Isn’t that a scenario that’s worth checking out right now?

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Throughout the selling process, it's the security and protection of your luxury items that is most important to Luxury Buyers.
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