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Retail Luxury Partners


In addition to purchasing the luxury goods of individual sellers, Luxury Buyers is proud of our growing network of retail and consignment partnerships.


Our retail and consignment partners value our efficient process, experienced and knowledgeable team and the full security of luxury sales with Luxury Buyers.


Please contact our retail concierge to discuss details about our retail and consignment network and partnerships.


Retail and consignment partners enjoy the same exclusive perks and attention as our individual clients including:


  • Overnight, insured FedEx shipping at no cost to you


  • Free full insurance of every luxury item


  • Expert luxury appraisers and buyers using accurate valuing data to provide on-point estimates



  • A clear and secure buying service without a middleman or long selling processes


  • Free initial estimate and consideration of your luxury items


  • Complimentary consultation services from industry experts


  • Concierge service for questions throughout the process


  • Fast and secure payment through wire transfer or check


  • Immediate return of any unsold luxury items


Complimentary Consultation With Expert Appraisers


Current Luxury Partners consider our process secure, simple and sophisticated.  Our professional team of expert gemologists and appraisers provide complimentary consultation on the pricing of each item.   We have appraisal and pricing experts for natural diamonds, jewels, precious jewelry, luxury watches and authentic handbags.


Each sale and partnerships is treated with professionalism and care as luxury items are considered for purchase.  Our partners continue to use our services because of our experienced professionals and competitive valuing of luxury goods.


We encourage all potential partners to speak with someone from our team and learn more about the success of Luxury Buyers.


Initial estimates are complimentary and carefully considered


Retail partners can feel secure in our estimates because we provide the service for free.   We are confident that our buying prices are fair and competitive and that you won’t find a better one.  Our team of gemologists and luxury experts has over 50 years of combined experience and deep knowledge of the luxury market. All of our sellers can trust the estimates they receive from Luxury Buyers will be a fair value that considered the changing market of luxury goods and your item, individually.


Fast Services for More Sales


Our retail partners enjoy the speed of our services and their ability to sell more items because of our unique process.


Complimentary overnight FedEx shipping sends luxury items to our office so items can be considered for final valuation promptly.


Luxury and gem experts in our office make it possible to receive initial estimates and final prices in less than 24- hours.


Our wire transfer service makes payment swift, seamless and secure.


The entire sale process from uploading of images and details to payment can take less than 48 hours allowing our retail partners to sell more and feel confident in each sale.


Complimentary consultation and concierge make the process easy and questions quickly answered.


100% guarantee of returned items allows sellers to trust Luxury Buyers with their precious items.


Trustworthy Returns


Our expert appraisers work hard to make sure that our estimates and valuations meet the expectations and needs of our customers. However, sometimes our partners choose not to complete the sale.  Luxury Buyers will return items within 48 hours through an insured, overnight FedEx service- always complimentary.


Our service allows retailer confidence that items will not be returned once sole because Luxury Buyers is buying the items.  If you accept our final valuation, you can expect to quick payment and the end of this sale.


We pride ourselves in creating a processing and building a team that you can trust 100% of the time.


Consign With Confidence


When retail and consignment agencies choose to sell with Luxury Buyers, they are choosing to work with one company from start to finish.  Luxury Buyers are the experts in appraising and valuations.  We are also the buyers of your item(s).  No middle men and auctions means that you can trust the valuation of your item, the security of your shipping and the final payment for your sale.  We take pride in offering a unique luxury buying experience that allows for the most secure luxury item sales possible.


Concierge for Retail


Similar to the concierge service for individual clients, we provide a 24-hour a day service for our retail partners.  If there is any confusion about the selling, shipping or payment process, contact us; we’re here for you.  We also have experience in large orders and shipping multiple items.


Please feel free to contact our concierge service for any questions at any time.  We are available online, via email or over the phone.  We’re delighted to speak with you about developing a new partnership.


New to consignment and luxury retail?


Some of our most lucrative partnerships are companies and individuals new to luxury consignment.   We strive to build meaningful partnerships for new sellers.  We want the process to be seamless and for your trust in our estimates.  Our experts are here to answer questions about your items but also sales, the luxury market and luxury consignment, in general.


Premier partners for retail and consignment


Luxury Buyers has the unique process, company and experience to make selling luxury items seamless for our retail sellers.  We purchase your items directly so there is no hassle of waiting or searching for buyers.  Your item is also only shipped to our professionals in our office.  We also provide complimentary shipping and insurance for all the items of our partners.


We pride ourselves on growing long-term partnerships and know that our partnerships can only thrive if we can provide expert information and competitive pricing.  We never want our partners to question our valuations or decline our final prices.  We strive to provide the best experience for each sale and a streamlined process that assures quick and easy payment for luxury goods.


Our experts are here for you and your business.  We carefully treat and consider each piece and each price.  Our facilities allow us the ability to inspect each item with luxury care.

Throughout the selling process, it's the security and protection of your luxury items that is most important to Luxury Buyers.
Our no obligation, risk free process includes free shipping, insurance, and upon accepting our final offer, immediate payments.