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How To Sell Your Watches For Cash


When the time comes that you need to sell a fine watch you want to be confident that you are dealing with a reputable fine watch buyer who has extensive knowledge and experience with luxury timepieces such as; Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Panerai, and IWC.


In great condition luxury watches can still often hold value and nobody understands this more than we do.  At Luxury Buyers we specialize in buying luxury timepieces.  We are familiar with and study all major luxury watch brands, and we have a remarkable reputation for paying much more cash for fine watches than any other watch buyer.  When you are working with us you can be assured you are receiving a top dollar offer.


Most of us will agree that material objects can never replace feelings. Although this much is true, there are however, certain exceptions: jewelry and timepieces. To many, few objects can trigger emotions as vividly as grandma’s wedding ring or great-uncle George’s watch.


Unfortunately, unless you are planning to open up a family museum with these valuable keepsakes, chances are that they might get lost in a myriad of drawers, or cabinets. In fact, most antique watches that have been handed over from generation to generation are simply lying there, neglected, inside someone’s furniture, waiting to be inherited, or else stolen.


Torn between sentimentality and inexperience, many watch-holders cling on to their pieces just because they do not really know where to place them. After all, commercializing antiques is not something you learn at school. Moreover, despite the number of tutorials you have been through, you probably don’t know how to sell your watches online, either –or anywhere else.


Relocating your Valuables


What to do then? Not long ago, whenever a person wished to cash their timepieces, all they needed to do was find a pawn shop nearby and keep their fingers crossed, hoping for the best offer.


Luckily, these days there is a whole new market that allows for valuable watch owners to get the best possible deal, almost effortlessly. At Luxury Buyers, our highly experienced staff is waiting for you to submit your form, so that we can offer our most exact appraisal.


A Story to Tell


Any timepiece whose owner wishes to dispose of has come a long way for sure. Some unworn watches have been in the family for so long that their origin can become hard to trace. In other cases, certain timepieces have been purchased just for their value in times of financial prosperity.  Finally, a percentage of pieces have been kept as part of a collection. In all, no one really knows where a watch can come from really, since sources are as varied as the pieces themselves. This is one of the main reasons why not all watches can be considered the same way, thus estimated with the same criteria.


Before taking a look at the steps you must follow in order to learn how to sell watches online, potential sellers should gather some information on the issue. This way, you will know what to expect when it comes to actually offering your timepiece.


Antique Watches


However, a traditional watch must be at least 100 years old before it can be regarded as an antique. In addition, only certain brands and styles could be considered as contributing to making a piece an antique.


Take a list of the most popular antique watches and you will find that it features pieces, such as American Waltham chronographs or first generation Omegas, for example. And so the list goes on.


Since not all “old” watches make the cut, it is best for you to look up the brand and year of your own timepiece in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. However, when you submit your watch for evaluation to us, you can rest assured that your piece is safe. Besides, an honest appraisal is not something you can find around the corner. Therefore, getting a quotation from Luxury Buyers can be regarded as an affirmation of what your piece is really worth, regardless your decision of actually doing business with us.


Vintage Watches


Your timepiece may be regarded as vintage as long as it has been around for at least 25 years. Nevertheless, and once again, not all 25-year old watches qualify as “vintage”.


Besides the age, a checklist has been designed to help you determine whether your piece qualifies as a potentially costly vintage watch or not. Consider these aspects:


  • Identity: manufacturer and model.


  • Age: Year it was made. Tip: serial number can clue you in.


  • Quality: The jewel count rule can throw light on the piece’s quality.


Go over the list for a self evaluation if you are not sure how to sell your watches. Online quotations though, have come a long way and now offer much more effective alternatives to the traditional e-bay or Craig’s list.


Albeit useful, these sites can be somewhat limited and do little to take off the burden of finding out what the real cost of a piece is, how to submit it to the company, and the stress of the risk, lest the piece gets lost in the submission process.


Luxury Buyers on the other hand, offers the chance of a lifetime to submit your watch for thorough evaluation 100% risk-free. Even if you are not satisfied with our offer, the cost of shipping the watch for inspection is completely on us. Bonus: your luxury piece is fully insured all along.


Understand now why it is much more convenient to use our services? For one thing, few brick and mortar pawn shops can boast professional appraisers that are experienced enough for your timepiece. What, with so many brand names, makes, models and variations, it is unlikely that the folks at your local store are ready to give your watch a proper appraisal.


How to Sell your Watches Online: The Right Way

You will be surprised to learn that there is an ebbing market surrounding the commercialization of pre-owned luxury timepieces. This knowledge is empowering both for potential buyers, as well as the sellers.


Settling for bad deal out of necessity is no longer an option. Likewise, cut down the scam risk factor significantly by simply filling in a submission form on the Luxury Buyers website to get an almost immediate response.


Once your watch has been submitted to us, all you need to do is wait for our offer. Should you take it; cash will be on its way, soon. Should you not, your watch will be shipped ASAP back to you, at no cost and with full insurance coverage.


Give yourself the gift of relocating your luxury timepiece in the best possible hands. Let that Rolex or Panerai come out of the darkness, into the light once more. The rest is in our hands.

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Throughout the selling process, it's the security and protection of your luxury items that is most important to Luxury Buyers.
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