At Luxury Buyers we are in a league of our own, far beyond that of the typical diamond buyer or online auctioneer.  We specialize specifically in all things luxury, and our team is comprised of a group of experts from various industries with a combined experience of over 50 years buying and appraising fine diamonds, jewelry, watches and handbags.


We buy luxury goods on a daily basis while continuously monitoring and studying both national and international markets and trends to ensure that we are always paying you the most for your luxury goods.  Unlike your typical jewelry stores, pawn shops and online auctioneers who simply broker or flip your luxury items for a quick profit to experts like us, our experience and vast knowledge of luxury goods allows us to cut out the middle man and purchase your items directly.  This means that when you are dealing directly with us you are always getting more money and you’re getting it faster!


Our pursuit for perfection is highlighted by our great desire to make the process of selling your luxury goods an easy, convenient, and risk free experience.  From start to finish your luxury items are handled with the utmost care and protection and our experts are always available to walk you through the process.


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Throughout the selling process, it's the security and protection of your luxury items that is most important to Luxury Buyers.
Our no obligation, risk free process includes free shipping, insurance, and upon accepting our final offer, immediate payments.
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Our expert appraisers and gemologists at Luxury Buyers have a combined experience of over 50 years buying, and appraising natural diamonds, precious jewelry, luxury watches, and authentic handbags.

This vast knowledge of both luxury brands and their market trends, coupled with our worldwide network of partners, has made Luxury Buyers the Nation's premier buyer of all things luxury.