Breitling Brings David Beckham on Board

Breitling Brings David Beckham on Board
12 Jan 2016

As any individual with class would be, David Beckham is one of the biggest fans of Breitling watches. But not just any fan. Beckham has been the spokesman for Breitling since 2013. Breitling has commented that no one else would be a better fit for the position than David Beckham himself. Not only Due to his originality and class, but also his ability to magnify himself above the rest as the icon of British style itself.

David Beckam Breitling

Image by Senatus

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Breitling’s decision to bring Beckham on board has definitely raised eyebrows. Nonetheless, the success that he’s achieved on a global scale provides Breitling with a solid stage on which to showcase their range of magnificent timepieces and other luxury goods.

What better brand to partner up with than Breitling? Especially for a guy like David Beckham. Whom is known for his elegance and style that supersedes that of the average celebrity.

John Travolta and David Beckham

Image by Dailymail

With celebrities like John Travolta and David Beckham as brand ambassadors for the company. There is no telling what can happen next for the successful brand. One thing is for certain, Breitling will continue to remain and advance as the leader in the field of wrist chronographs.

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