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It can be time-consuming, frustrating and even traumatic to sell your diamond jewelry – especially if it holds sentimental value for you.


These are just some of the logistical or emotional difficulties you might encounter:


  • It can take hours, days or even weeks to make the rounds of pawnshops, jewelry stores and secondhand stores, in order to find trustworthy evaluations and appraisals which make you comfortable with the offers you may receive. Since there’s no melt value for diamonds (like there is for precious metals), diamond jewelry values are always somewhat subjective and can vary widely, so there’s always the temptation to search for just one more opinion.


  • Differing evaluations and appraisals can be frustrating. But so can the fact that most experts who claim to know all about diamond jewelry can’t recognize vintage, antique or rare diamond pieces; usually they just get the measurables of the diamonds and look up their approximate value on a chart. You may know that you have an exceptional piece – but the “experts” often don’t.


  • It’s hard enough to make a decision to sell diamond jewelry that has been handed down through a family or was a gift from a loved one, because of all of the emotions wrapped up in that sort of decision. When it comes to actually handing over your grandmother’s diamond bracelet or your old engagement ring to a jeweler or pawnbroker, it can be infinitely more difficult, even heartbreaking.


There’s an easier way to do it. When you sell diamond jewelry online, you don’t have to make the rounds of jewelry stores. In fact, you don’t have to go anywhere – you can find expert appraisers whose entire job is to evaluate diamond rings, brooches, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings every day, and ship your items to them directly. They’ve seen almost every type of jewelry that exists, from signed pieces by Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston and other name designers, to the kind of antique treasures which only the most experienced appraisers have ever had the chance to handle. They won’t have to guess at what your precious pieces are worth – they’ll know. And you won’t have to stand and watch while a stranger inspects your heirlooms and memories; the often-difficult process is much easier to handle when you sell your diamond jewelry online.


Where do you find online experts like that? We’re glad you asked.


Our company has been built on the concept of assembling the most experienced, talented team in the field of jewelry and luxury goods, providing honest and expert appraisals for online clients, and paying the highest amounts available anywhere in order to purchase quality merchandise.


With experts in every corner of the world, our team has more than 50 years of experience in evaluating and appraising precious metals, diamonds and gems, and constantly monitors current market values. That makes us uniquely qualified to properly assess and place a realistic value on the diamond jewelry you sell online.


And because our business depends on complete client satisfaction, we make the entire process painless and convenient – with absolutely no risk. That’s why an enormous amount of our business is repeat business from previous clients, and why we’ve earned what we believe is a justified reputation as #1 in our industry: paying more cash for luxury goods than anyone else.


When you are interested in selling diamond jewelry (or any other luxury goods), here’s how the Luxury Buyers process works.


First, you fill out an online form, describing your items in as much detail as possible. The more you can tell us, the more it will help; if you have receipts, previous appraisals or documentation, or can send photos, that will give us a much better picture of what you’ve got. We’ll then get back to you by email or phone within 24 hours, with a preliminary estimate.


The next step is to ship your items for a no-obligation, in-person inspection by one of our experienced appraisers. We pay all of the shipping costs, and your jewelry is fully insured and protected every step of the way.


Once we’ve completed the inspection and appraisal, we’ll get back to you with our results, and most likely an offer to buy your jewelry. Once you’ve accepted the offer, we’ll pay you immediately, in cash. Most people are happy to accept, because as the world’s #1 online buyer of luxury items, we can pay more than anyone else; but if you decide to keep the items instead, we’ll ship them back at our expense, completely insured.


There’s no easier way to sell diamond jewelry online – or to sell it any other way – than by using the services of Luxury Buyers. Instead of having to search for the right experts who will be able to accurately evaluate your valuables, you’ll have the world’s #1 team of experts already on your side.


And we buy every type of diamond jewelry, not just Tiffany engagement rings or signed pieces from Cartier. We purchase diamond necklaces and tennis bracelets, pendants and brooches, diamond earrings and other custom pieces, all for the highest prices. Many people who use online diamond jewelry sale services have large collections that they’ve built up over time or inherited in an estate; some of their pieces are valuable, while others aren’t worth as much. They find the easiest way to have all of their jewelry appraised is to send us the entire lot at one time, since we’re set up to efficiently evaluate large quantities of valuable items and make large bulk offers that, quite frankly, most other buyers can’t afford.


We also have regular clients who are eager to buy vintage, antique, unusual or rare diamond jewelry, so we’re particularly interested in appraising and making an offer on any of those items you may have.


But whether it’s a rare signed piece or your grandmother’s engagement ring, a diamond necklace you no longer wear or a Harry Winston bracelet you need to sell for quick cash, we’re ready to buy all diamond jewelry, online and for top dollar. All evaluations are completely free, no-obligation and confidential, so there’s absolutely no risk when you fill in our online form or give us a call.

Throughout the selling process, it's the security and protection of your luxury items that is most important to Luxury Buyers.
Our no obligation, risk free process includes free shipping, insurance, and upon accepting our final offer, immediate payments.