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One of the most traumatic experiences a woman can ever face is selling her diamond engagement ring. It’s not just a simple financial transaction; it symbolizes a major change in her life.


A broken engagement, a painful divorce, an even more tragic death or an emergency need for cash – all can lead to the sale of what may have once been, and may even still be, a woman’s most valued possession. It’s impossible to understate the emotional difficulty of selling an engagement ring and moving on with life.


Anyone facing this situation knows exactly what we mean. The finality of parting with the ring which once symbolized happiness and fulfillment can lead you to delay the sale for months or even years. Simply opening your jewelry case and picking up the ring can trigger emotions which force you to put the ring back and close the case for a while.


When you can finally deal with the fact that you have to move on, and you’re ready to sell your diamond engagement ring, it’s natural to look for the easiest and quickest solution: taking the ring to your local jeweler or pawnshop, accepting their offer, and getting the whole thing over with. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous jewelers, even if they’re qualified to accurately appraise jewelry, also understand the trauma women go through when they sell diamond engagement rings. Some will actually take advantage by offering much less than the piece is worth, knowing you just want to get rid of the ring and end the process as quickly as possible.


Probably the last thing you want to do is prolong this painful process by visiting a number of stores to collect appraisals, despite the fact that shopping around might make you more money. If you’re selling because of a broken engagement or divorce, you may even sell your diamond engagement ring in a different neighborhood, just to avoid the embarrassment of running into someone you know while you’re selling your ring.


No one (except, perhaps, a well-intentioned but insensitive friend or relative) would push you to sell a meaningful keepsake until you’re ready (or if you’re considering a sale for purely financial reasons, until it’s absolutely necessary).


However, when you’ve accepted the necessity of moving on, there’s no need to make the process more difficult than it has to be. You don’t have to trek from store to store, showing your ring to stranger after stranger, while constantly being reminded of what it once represented. Selling engagement rings online to a reputable buyer has become a viable alternative, and lets you avoid the difficulty and real emotional pain of having to sell a diamond engagement ring in person.


We’ve already touched on the major advantages for those who would just like to get the process over with quickly: when you sell diamond engagement rings online, you don’t have to do it face-to-face, no one you know will see you selling your ring, and you don’t have to keep staring at it and remembering all of the things you’re trying to put behind you.


There are many other advantages, though – and that’s why online diamond and jewelry sales have become such a big business. For example, remember the jeweler we mentioned who might take advantage of someone selling an engagement ring? When you’re engaged in a purely professional relationship with a reputable online buyer, there are no sales tactics involved. Your appraisal and the buyer’s offer are only based on one thing: the value of your jewelry.


Even more importantly, reputable companies who buy diamond engagement rings online have experienced staffs of expert appraisers. There’s no chance your ring will get the type of quick once over you might receive from a local jeweler trying to juggle other clients while he’s also setting a value on your precious ring. There’s no chance your appraisal will be done by someone not qualified to do the job, and is simply making estimates based on the weight and general appearance of your diamond. There’s no chance a jeweler won’t recognize a valuable vintage, antique, signed piece or otherwise rare diamond ring. When you rely on experts, you get the performance and value you deserve. That’s the true advantage to selling diamond engagement rings online.


There are many people and companies online which buy jewelry. But Luxury Buyers clearly stands out as the #1 buyer of diamond engagement rings in the world, offering the highest prices anywhere. The reasons for that are simple:






There’s no need to fight your emotions or the cut-throat world of retail jewelry stores, when Luxury Buyers is ready to appraise and buy your diamond engagement ring today.


And you can get started right now – just fill out our simple online form with as much information as possible about your ring. We’ll get back to you by phone or email within 24 hours with a preliminary evaluation; you then ship the ring to us (we pay the postage both ways and the insurance), and we’ll have a full appraisal and offer ready for you within days. And we’ll pay cash immediately – the most cash anyone will offer, anywhere. The whole transaction is simple, safe, and emotion-free.


If you’re finally ready to sell your diamond engagement ring, give yourself the break you deserve. Contact us today – and let us help you move on with your life.

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