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If you’ve ever purchased a diamond ring, you’ve probably heard all of the sales pitches: “Don’t just think of this as a ring – think of it as an investment!” or “The one thing you know for sure is that diamonds never decline in value!”


One of those claims is somewhat true; the other is nonsense. A diamond ring can certainly be considered an investment, because unlike a car, you can’t drive it into the ground until it’s worthless; a gemstone ring will always retain a large portion of its original value. However, diamonds can certainly decline in value, just as they can appreciate in value – it all depends on the law of supply and demand.


Here are the real facts about the intrinsic value of diamond rings:


1.    A ring’s true value lies in its beauty and its emotional significance. Financial value only becomes important when you’re thinking about selling your diamond ring.


2.    When you buy a ring, you’re also paying for the cost of mining, cutting and mounting the stone, as well as markups and profits for everyone involved in producing and marketing the piece. For that reason, the true value of any jewelry is much lower than its retail value, so there’s a long way to go before it becomes worth more than its original cost.


3.    Only very special diamond pieces will increase significantly in value over their purchase price. Antique diamond rings, rare designer works and signed pieces are most likely to show a large increase in value. On the other hand, though, it’s unlikely that a diamond ring will be worth a lot less than its original “real” value unless it’s been badly mistreated.


4.    When you decide to sell diamond rings – online or elsewhere – it’s important to be realistic about the true value of the rings, and to seek reliable, expert appraisals. That becomes even more important if you have a piece which you think might be unique or simply worth a lot of money.


Now that we’ve gotten that all out on the table, let’s get to the specifics of selling your diamond ring.


Most jewelry stores (or vintage stores, pawnbrokers or other outlets) which offer “free appraisals for your diamond ring!” will usually take the easy way out. First, they estimate the market value of the precious metal used to set the stones. Next, they size the stones and do an eye-check on qualities like cut, color and clarity, and look at a chart known as the Rapaport Diamond Report which gives them an approximate value for diamonds similar to the ones in your ring. Finally, they add those two numbers together and present you with your appraisal.


There are two problems with that: no two diamond rings are alike, and an eye-check of a stone will never be an adequate substitute for a true, expert appraisal. Perhaps you’re thinking of selling a diamond ring you inherited, which could be a vintage piece from Harry Winston or a one-of-a-kind creation from a high-end jewelry designer; the approximate value of its stones combined with the spot price of the metal doesn’t even come close to what the ring is truly worth. Or maybe you have a gorgeous three-stone or halo ring for which the stones were exquisitely cut and are nearly flawless; but because the jewelry store is really busy on the day you bring the ring in for appraisal, the jeweler only gives the stones a quick once-over before coming up with a value and making you an offer.


How can you really know who to trust? The answer is simple: sell your diamond rings online.


Introducing Luxury Buyers


Your first reaction might be: “I’d much rather trust someone I can actually see inspecting my ring than put all of my trust in a website.”

That’s understandable. And if you’re simply sending your precious diamond ring to a random website you found in a Google search, it’s probably the right reaction.

That’s why Luxury Buyers is different – and why we’re worthy of your trust.


We’re not a random website. We’re the world’s #1 buyers of diamond rings and other fine jewelry and luxury items. We’ve earned that distinction through hard work, and we’re proud of it. We buy more diamonds, and can pay more for them than any competitor, because we’ve earned the trust of so many loyal clients over the years.


We want to buy your diamond ring, whether it’s an engagement ring, a three-stone, halo or eternity ring, a vintage or antique diamond ring. We invite you to read on to learn more about our company, and to understand why we believe we’re worthy of your trust.


First of all, a little about us. We’re not a jeweler with an eyeshade, working in a strip mall storefront. We’re a company with experts and sophisticated labs from coast to coast and around the world. We have an experienced staff with decades of experience evaluating and appraising diamond rings and other luxury jewelry. And we’re the world’s top buyer of diamonds.


What we think is most important is our staff of experts. They handle and evaluate every kind of diamond jewelry imaginable on a daily basis, so they can immediately recognize valuable pieces from top designers like Cartier or Tiffany, and spot antique or rare pieces at a glance. They’re wizards at appraising the true value of diamonds, using the most modern equipment as well as their many years of experience, to determine – not guess – what your ring is really worth.


And we’ve made the process which allows you to sell diamond rings online as easy as possible. You just have to call us or fill out our simple form, supplying us with as much information as possible about your ring. We’ll respond with an initial evaluation within 24 hours, and let you know how you can ship your item for a full appraisal; we pay all the shipping costs and fully insure your diamond ring. Within days, we’ll tell you the exact worth of your diamond ring, and make an offer to purchase it at the highest price you’ll find anywhere. You can either decide to keep the ring and we’ll send it back at our expense – or you can accept our offer and get cash for your diamond ring immediately.


Our simple process, our care for your valuables, and our high cash payouts have earned the trust of countless clients. We’d like the opportunity to earn yours.


Just call or fill out our website form now, and you’ll have your initial evaluation by this time tomorrow. See how easy it can be to sell diamond rings online, with the world’s #1 buyer: Luxury Buyers.

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Our expert appraisers and gemologists at Luxury Buyers have a combined experience of over 50 years buying, and appraising natural diamonds, precious jewelry, luxury watches, and authentic handbags.

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