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Here’s a quick quiz for owners of designer purses: what can easily sell on the secondary market for 20% more than its original price?


If you guessed that it’s the Birkin bag made by Hermès, you’re right on the money – a great deal of money. The legendary leather purses, the ultimate status symbol for many of the world’s wealthiest women, can sell brand-new for $100,000 or even more. But they are so difficult to buy from Hermès that a second-hand Birkin is a sizzling-hot item when available on websites that sell handbags online, often fetching prices much higher than they originally cost.


Most pre-owned luxury handbags aren’t worth more than their original owner paid for them, of course. However, high-end purses from Hermès, Chanel and other top-end designers retain a great deal of their value, and are always going to be in demand.


Why Sell Handbags Online?


There’s one big problem with owning luxury handbags: new styles are always hitting the market. Many women who own designer purses for reasons of fashion and/or status are continually drawn to even-newer styles – and closets are only so big. After a few years, for these buyers, a bag which was a must-own can easily become a quickly forgotten. Selling handbags online is a way for these women to clear out their closets and make back some of their investment – probably to buy more purses.


For other women, an expensive designer bag is a once-in-a-lifetime dream purchase. If they run into money trouble, though, it may be a luxury they can no longer afford – selling the handbag online may be not only a good idea for them, but may also be a financial necessity. They might also just realize that owning an expensive purse isn’t the thrill they had envisioned.


There are other reasons to sell a designer handbag online: it could be part of an estate collection inherited from a family member, it might be an unwanted leftover from a divorce, or the owner may simply have grown tired of it.


If any of these situations sound familiar, Luxury Buyers is ready to evaluate and buy your luxury handbag. We specialize in all types of luxury goods, from purses to jewelry, from diamonds to watches. We have buyers anxious to purchase high-end luxury goods, so we can offer the highest prices of any buyer.


How Much Is My Handbag Worth On The Secondary Market?


As we’ve mentioned, a few purses can be worth more than you paid for them, and can even bring prices in six figures. Those handbags, as you’d probably guess, are few and far between.


So let’s get realistic. When you sell pre-owned handbags online, you can expect to receive anywhere from 10% to 70% of the bag’s original price. Why the huge variance?  Much of a purse’s value depends on its condition, but just as important are the brand name and how rare the handbag is – often referred to as the bag’s desirability. Some luxury purses are considered the ultimate prizes because they’re so hard to purchase; the Birkin bag, which was only available through a waiting list for many years (until Hermès recently did away with the list) is the best example of a purse which most people could only purchase second-hand. Handbags produced by companies which don’t offer discounts, don’t have outlet stores and don’t do “flash sales” are more likely to hold their value; that’s because buyers are trained to understand that it’s nearly impossible to find bargain prices for those brands. Hermès and Chanel are two good examples of designers who do a good job of both maintaining the scarcity of their bags and the integrity of their prices.


When you take those factors into account, handbags from some luxury designers are more likely to retain their value. In addition to Cartier and Hermès, they also include Christian Louboutin, Van Cleef & Arpels and Louis Vuitton. At the other end of the spectrum are brands which usually don’t hold most of their value over the long term, like Versace, Etro, Alexander Wang, Valextra and Marc Jacobs. There are also several brands which may bring you a lot more than you’d expect when you sell handbags online, such as Charlotte Olympia, Givenchy and Victoria Beckham.


Other factors may come into play, such as whether you have a limited edition handbag, or if there are diamonds or gemstones on the purse.


How Do I Sell My Handbag Online?


The first step is to always know what you’re selling. You may know that you have a Kelly bag (the purse made by Hermès which used to be called Sac à dépêches) – but not much more than that. Your ex-wife may have left her Hermès handbag behind when she walked out, but you may not be aware that it’s a limited edition black calf leather clutch EVHB that’s particularly valuable. You may know that there are stones on the Chanel purse you inherited from your rich grandmother, but are they Swarovski crystals or are they real diamonds? For that matter, is it a real Chanel or a knock-off? (It’s probably a little too much to hope that it’s a Chanel Diamond Forever Classic bag, since only 13 were made and it’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.)


The point is, if you just take a luxury handbag to a store and ask what it’s worth, you’re in danger of being completely misled or even cheated if you aren’t sure what your bag is worth. That’s why choosing a reputable, experienced company like Luxury Buyers is the best way to sell handbags online. Our decades of examining and appraising designer purses and other luxury items ensures that we’ll know exactly what your handbag is and what you can realistically expect for it – and we’re known for offering higher payouts than any buyer. Even if you’re selling a limited edition handbag, you can be confident we’ve seen it before and can properly evaluate it for you.


We can give you a preliminary email or phone estimate in less than a day. If you’d like us to personally appraise your pre-owned purse and make an offer, every Luxury Buyers transaction is completely protected and insured from start to finish; there’s never any risk when we evaluate your handbag or other luxury item. And if you accept an offer from us, you can sell your handbag and have the cash in as little as 48 hours. Selling your handbag online couldn’t be easier.

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