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If the time ever comes that you need to sell a Birkin bag you need to be absolutely confident that you are dealing directly with a professional Hermes buyer who has both a vast knowledge of brand and a great awareness of the secondary market.


At Luxury Buyers we have a unrivaled reputation for paying our clients more cash for their Hermes Birkin bags than any other handbag buyer.  We have been buying and selling designer bags for years and have made the process of selling your Birkin bag easier than every before.  We encourage you to begin the process today by completing our online form and receiving your free quote.


Nothing Compares To A Birkin


Every woman with a sense of fashion wants a Hermès bag. But every woman who truly understands luxury, craftsmanship and distinction wants a Hermès Birkin bag. They are the most exclusive purses in the entire Hermès collection, and they are often so difficult to obtain that a client’s name can spend months – or even longer – on a waiting list before they’re allowed to purchase a new Birkin bag. When that day finally arrives, the price tag will be north of $10,000 – often well north of that price, as some models retail for as much as $80,000. Birkins aren’t just the ultimate accessories. They’re collectibles.


The word “collectibles” may have caught your eye if you own one of these sought-after gems. People who sell Hermès Birkin bags, old or new, can profit greatly on the transaction. Luxury Buyers purchases and sells a large number of Birkin purses every month, and we’ve found that a pre-owned Birkin which has been well cared for will usually resell for anywhere between 80% and 120% of its original retail value. By contrast, you might only receive 10% when you resell a lesser brand name bag.


We are certain that your used Hermès Birkin bag will be in high demand among our regular clients, so we are ready to purchase it from you at a higher price than you’ll receive from any other online reseller or brick-and-mortar consignment shop – even if it isn’t in the best of conditions.


Because we acquire such a large number of Birkins (and other luxury products), we’ve created a streamlined method of providing appraisals and making payments to clients who sell Hermès Birkin bags to Luxury Buyers. All that’s required to get started is spending a few moments filling out our simple website form.


Your Hermès Birkin bag is very valuable, so we take absolutely no chances with it during our evaluation and appraisal process. First, we’ll ask you to tell us as much as you can about the bag on our online form (any documents or previous appraisals you can copy and attach will help greatly), and we’ll get back to you with a preliminary evaluation almost immediately by phone or email.


(Don’t be discouraged if your Birkin isn’t in terrific condition, or even if it’s been pretty much beaten into the ground. We are still interested. Our clients are happy to buy bags in need of tender loving care; it costs them a lot less to restore a Birkin purse than to purchase a new one.)


Next, you’ll ship the bag to Luxury Buyers – and we’ll not only pay the shipping charges, but will fully insure the purse for the entire time it’s out of your hands. Our staff will expertly and carefully perform a full examination and get back to you quickly with a firm offer to purchase your bag. If you decline, we’ll ship it right back (fully insured, of course) – but if you accept, you’ll have your payout within two days.


The entire process is simple, quick and totally risk-free. And thanks to our sales volume and client base, no other buyer can even come close to the prices we offer. It’s why so many big names in the entertainment and society worlds (trust us, you’d recognize many of the names) sell their used Hermès Birkin bags to us when they’re ready to buy new ones.


The number one question people ask about Birkins is, “Are they really that difficult to obtain at the retail level, or is that just a myth?” It’s not a myth at all; there’s really a waiting list. However, Hermès does all that it can to further the mystique surrounding the availability of Birkin bags because it’s good for business – the only thing better than creating scarcity for a product that’s already in high demand, is adding even further to the aura of exclusivity.


You can’t purchase a Birkin at the Hermès online site. You have to go to one of their retail stores and let a clerk know that you want to be put onto the waiting list, and they’ll call you when your name reaches the top of the list. There are stories of people actually walking into a Hermès store and purchasing a Birkin bag immediately, but those stories are few and far between.


If you don’t want to wait, you can participate in bag auctions conducted by luxury websites or actual auction houses – and if you’re the high bidder you’re likely to pay a premium (as much as 25%) over the Hermès retail price. You’ll also have to be certain that the seller is legitimate and an authorized dealer.


It may be difficult to believe that a handbag which has only been manufactured and sold since the early 1980s has reached the stratosphere of designer goods. The Hermès Birkin didn’t exist until a chance meeting between actress Jane Birkin and the president of Hermès on an airplane in 1980; she complained about the bag she was carrying (not an Hermès), the two compared notes for quite some time, and the idea of a Birkin bag was born.


Their discussions led to the creation of a luxury leather bag which is not only sexy and sleek, but flawlessly assembled and sewn. Each Hermès Birkin is the work of a single craftsman who carefully sews every stitch from beginning to end. No one else touches the bag while it is being crafted.


Hermès has expanded the Birkin line over time. There are neutral colors like brown, black and grey as well as bright ones like blue, red and the signature Hermès orange; a choice of smooth and textured leathers from many different types of animal hide; and even variations like the Club Birkin and Shoulder Birkin. However, any woman who has managed to obtain a Hermès Birkin should feel fortunate and wear it with pride.


If you have inherited one of these precious purses, or are ready to move on from the Birkin you’re currently wearing (or storing in a safe deposit box), Luxury Buyers is prepared to pay you more for your bag than you can receive from any other buyer. The process is simple, proven, and fully-insured. Please contact us by filling out our online form today.


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