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Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of jewelry is just sitting abandoned in drawers, attics and safe deposit boxes. Is any of it yours?


Everyone has at least one or two pieces of abandoned jewelry – an old ring, an ugly brooch, a broken watch – tucked away somewhere in their home. But many of those items are actually worth a lot of money. The famed UK auction house Bonhams has estimated that in British homes alone, there is at least £60 million ($93 million) worth of old jewelry sitting unused and unwanted. The United States has about six times the population of Britain, so those numbers would translate to nearly $600 million in forgotten or abandoned jewelry in America.


It’s probably worth taking a few minutes to find yours – so you can discover whether it’s trash or treasure. You might be surprised at the money you’ve been sitting on all of these years without even realizing it, and how much you can collect when you sell jewelry online.


We specialize in buying luxury jewelry items and paying top dollar for them. And whether you’ve found an old engagement ring, a collection of your grandmother’s brooches and pendants, or a vintage piece from Cartier or Tiffany, we can help you figure out exactly what you have and what it’s worth.


Sell Diamond Jewelry and Precious Gems


If you find a stash of forgotten jewelry at home (or you’re aware of some items you have stashed away), the best place to start is with pieces certain to have some value: those containing precious gems. Diamond jewelry, natural emerald jewelry and natural sapphire jewelry are among the items most likely to bring an unexpected windfall in several different ways.


It’s possible that your gemstone jewelry was created by a high-end designer like Harry Winston or Tiffany & Co.; if so, it could be worth much more than the sum of its parts. Some signed jewelry is easy to distinguish as collectible, but other pieces may have had all of their markings worn away over time. The only way to really know whether you have a brand name piece that’s worth a premium is to have your jewelry appraised, and we specialize in those no-obligation evaluations.


Rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and other pieces which aren’t from a well-known jeweler still can hold a great deal of value; some may be exquisite enough to be resold on the vintage jewelry market, while others will have residual value based on the materials used to create them. In general terms, precious metal settings (gold, silver, platinum and so on) should be worth close to the current spot price for the metal, and quality gemstones (for example, the center stones of fine diamond engagement rings or natural emerald pendants) can bring anywhere from 25% to 75% of their original retail price. Accent stones, if any, also have residual value and are usually priced by total weight.


Of course, if a ring or other piece doesn’t contain gemstones, that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable; high-quality gold, platinum and silver will always be worth money. Because we specialize in buying and selling jewelry online, we’re qualified to provide an honest and reliable appraisal of whatever style of jewelry you may have.


Sell Vintage and Estate Jewelry


Each year, many stories are published about people who have been shocked to learn the collection of “old, beaten-up jewelry” that was handed down through their family for generations, or the “cheap costume jewelry” they bought at a yard sale, actually contained vintage, antique pieces worth thousands of dollars. Just two recent examples from one auction house: an unmarked, antique gold choker found under a bed by someone who was liquidating an estate which brought nearly $2,000, and a gold and amethyst necklace which had been mixed up with a bunch of costume jewelry in a plastic bag, which was found to be worth more than $25,000.


In cases like these where quality jewelry has just been left around a house or a storage area, it often happens that a piece has a very small hallmark or signature which can only be found if an experienced appraiser knows where to look. It’s also a common occurrence when a person with an untrained eye mistakes a valuable, hand-crafted piece for something they believe is crudely-made and worthless. That’s why having an expert check out all of your extra necklaces, rings and bracelets is the sensible thing to do; it gives you the opportunity to sell the jewelry online and make money from pieces which are simply taking up space.


When you go through your collection, pay particular attention to what could possibly be vintage jewelry. Those are the pieces most likely to be mistakenly thought of as costume jewelry or cheap knock-offs – and the ones which can bring big rewards. It’s fairly easy to tell whether engagement rings, diamond jewelry, or precious stones are worth an appraisal, but there can be bonanzas hidden in huge estate jewelry collections which seem, for the most part, to be quite ordinary.


Our Services


Luxury Buyers is the world’s leading group of experts in the field of luxury goods, with decades of experience in appraising and purchasing fine jewelry. We’re uniquely qualified to help with online jewelry sales, thanks to our vast knowledge, hands-on experience and 24-hour tracking of market values.


Among the pieces we can evaluate, appraise and purchase:


  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Brooches
  • Earrings


We also specialize in diamond jewelry and engagement rings, natural gemstone jewelry, vintage, antique and estate jewelry. But we have a lot of experience with odd and unusual pieces as well, so we’re uniquely able to tell you what that “strange item” is that you found in your collection.


Because we focus on luxury goods, we have a tremendous amount of experience with signed jewelry from the world’s top designers and fine jewelers, and have earned a reputation for paying higher prices than any other buyers. If you have an item from a noted company like Cartier, Harry Winston, Tiffany or Bulgari – or suspect that something you’ve found might be something special – we’re the ones who can give you the best appraisal and top dollar, with complete protection and security throughout the process. There’s no easier and more profitable way to sell jewelry online than with Luxury Buyers.

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Our expert appraisers and gemologists at Luxury Buyers have a combined experience of over 50 years buying, and appraising natural diamonds, precious jewelry, luxury watches, and authentic handbags.

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