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There are people who wear luxury watches (sometimes for show, sometimes to actually tell the time), and then there are those who are watch aficionados. If you were to ask someone who simply wears a high-end timepiece to name the top Swiss manufacturers of certified chronometers, they’d probably answer with two names: Rolex and Omega. Ask a watch aficionado, and he would unquestionably include a third name to that list: Breitling.


Breitling may be the oldest and most-revered watch brand unknown by much of the American public. It’s quite possible that you’ve inherited a Breitling or bought one as part of an estate collection, without realizing how much can be made when you sell Breitling watches on the resale market.


These timepieces are extremely valuable. They sell for thousands of dollars when new and some older models, particularly vintage and antique ones (Breitling has been in business since 1884) are worth hundreds of thousands. The lines of precision chronometers manufactured by Breitling are among the few brands which maintain a large portion of their value over time, and some have appreciated considerably.


Whether you’re a longtime wearer of Breitlings, or simply own one which has been passed down from a family member – when you want to sell a Breitling watch, we would appreciate your contacting Luxury Buyers. Our large clientele is always in search of these luxury timepieces, and in order to meet that demand we make the highest purchase offers for pre-owned Breitlings that you will find anywhere.


Our simple online form is the way to get started. We look forward to working with you.


There’s one thing we should make clear: your timepiece doesn’t have to be in pristine condition for us to be interested. Naturally, we love gently-worn Breitlings complete with their original paperwork and box, and we can pay more for those highly-desirable pieces than we’re able to offer for comparable watches which are showing signs of age. But there is still an enormous market for luxury timepieces which are in need of some repairs or a new crystal, and we’re prepared to make substantial offers for those as well.


It’s easy to discover the true worth of your previously-owned Breitling. Once you’ve submitted our Internet form (and please, attach pictures or copies of any documentation or appraisals you may have) we’ll respond almost immediately by phone or email with a preliminary evaluation. You’ll then have the option of sending the timepiece us to us for an insured in-depth inspection and appraisal – completely at our expense, of course. You’ll hear back quickly with a firm offer; if you decide to sell a Breitling watch to us, we pay cash within 48 hours of acceptance. Otherwise, we’ll send it right back, completely insured.


At Luxury Buyers we have extensive experience evaluating Breitlings and other luxury watches. Most local jewelers or pawnbrokers will just glance at your precious timepiece, guess at its worth and offer whatever they think they can get away with. That’s not how we operate. Our experts will immediately recognize the model of your watch, understand its history, and make a hefty, top-of-the-market offer based on the piece’s background, age and condition. The entire process is risk-free, quick and 100% confidential.


Every day, people sell Breitling watches to us that they’ve inherited, discovered in their attics, or owned for long periods of time. They come to Luxury Buyers over and over again because of our expertise, our reputation for honesty, and our generous payouts. We’d like the opportunity to earn your trust as well, and hope to welcome you into our valued family of clients.


A family-owned Swiss company, Breitling began operations in the late 19th century by crafting intricate instruments, watches and chronographs; within ten years, the company had found great success manufacturing and selling its pieces in Europe and continued to invent new and groundbreaking variations on its models. All were known for their fine handcrafted movements and extremely accurate timekeeping.


The grandson of the original founder, Willy Breitling, was responsible for greatly expanding the firm’s business and reputation. In the 1930s, he contracted with the British government to create exclusive chronographs for the Royal Air Force. Soon after that, Breitling watches became highly sought-after in the aviation industry, with airlines signing their own contracts with the company and pilots demanding Breitling timepieces because of their accuracy. Even today, many view Breitlings as “pilot’s watches.”


Other innovations followed throughout the mid-20th century, including the first watch to feature a slide rule bevel along with a traditional timekeeping face, and the famed 1952 Breitling Navitimer chronographs which allowed pilots to make detailed flight navigation calculations on the same timepiece they wore on their wrists. The Super Ocean watch for divers and the revolutionary self-winding Chronomat, maintained Breitling’s reputation for quality innovation in the several decades after that.


The emergence of quartz technology in the 1970s was not a good match with Willy Breitling’s desire to create landmark mechanical timepieces. He closed down the firm in 1979 and passed away that same year. However, the name was quickly purchased by another Swiss watchmaker and his family. Ernest Schneider was also a pilot and vowed to maintain the Breitling tradition of manufacturing precision chronographs with a focus on the needs of the aviation and maritime industries. Schneider’s operation of the company was a huge success, as Breitling issued updated, modern versions of the Chronomat and Navitimer while introducing new, luxury models to the marketplace.


Breitling is still known as the “instrument of professionals,” but has also assumed its place alongside Rolex and Omega as the highest-quality Swiss chronometers manufactured. Since the year 2000, every one of the company’s models has been COSC certified as 99.99% accurate. And the combination of Breitling’s outstanding performance and elegant, high-tech appearance – often highlighted by gold or platinum cases and diamond dials – has kept this timepiece in high demand among those who appreciate luxury watches.


Luxury Buyers has seen the market for Breitling Navitimers, Chronomats, Montbrilliants, Superoceans and other models continue to grow over the years, and the value of many of these models has reached an all-time high. That makes this the perfect time to sell Breitling watches for previously unheard-of prices, and we are prepared to make an offer to purchase your Breitling watch which may greatly surprise you, whether you own an antique chronograph or a more recently-released Galactic. Please contact us for a no-obligation evaluation of your timepiece today.

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