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It doesn’t have a long and storied history. Its most successful model has a futuristic look rather than classic, understated styling. Rubber is prominently featured in its design. You certainly wouldn’t think that’s the profile of a high-priced luxury watch in high demand.


Unless, of course, you own an Hublot – or wish you owned one. These stunning Swiss watches are favorites of the glitterati and timepiece aficionados, and bring enormous returns to those who want to sell Hublot watches they’ve inherited or just don’t wear anymore. At Luxury Buyers, we do a huge business in pre-owned Hublot watches; our clients snap them up as soon as we make them available.


That’s why we want to buy your used Hublot watch, whether it’s in like-new condition or has seen better days. And it’s why we’re ready to pay you more for your Hublot than you’ll be offered at any jewelry store or pawnbroker, or by any other online buyer. We need your Hublot and will put more cash in your hands, within days, than anyone else.


A fledgling company that decides to launch a brand-new product in a crowded market with the goal of quickly becoming competitive, desirable, and even iconic – at very high price points – doesn’t stand much chance of surviving. Hublot is one of the rare exceptions. Within a few years of the firm’s founding, its extremely high-end, distinctive wristwatches were must-have accessories among European royalty. And today, Hublots are even more “de rigueur” among the fashion-conscious, putting their value at an all-time high. That’s good news for anyone who is looking to sell Hublot watches, and Luxury Buyers is leading the way by paying absolute top-dollar for authentic Hublot timepieces in any condition.


Any serious watch collector or devotee will tell you that no collection is complete without at least one Hublot; it’s a showstopper whose unique qualities aren’t matched by any other timepiece. The enormous demand for these watches guarantees that whenever we have an Hublot to offer to our large clientele, it’s gone within hours. Quite simply, we need every Hublot we can acquire – so we will pay more immediate cash for pre-owned Hublots than any other online buyer, any pawnshop, or any jeweler you can find.


We love to purchase Hublot watches in pristine condition with all documentation and original boxes, of course. But the market is just as strong for watches with blemishes or more serious damage, because clients are willing to have them restored at their own expense. We can pay extremely high amounts for any Hublot watch, even if it isn’t working.


Do you have a Classic, Big Bang or another Hublot model you’re not wearing any more, or one you’ve inherited and just tucked away? Get in touch with us today and we’ll pay you its true worth in quick cash.


When you sell Hublot watches to Luxury Buyers, the process is easy and risk-free. Our reputation for honesty is impeccable, but we don’t simply ask you to “just trust us.” Your timepiece is fully insured from start to finish, we pay all shipping costs (both ways, if necessary), and we don’t even need to see your watch before giving you a preliminary estimate. It all starts by filling out the brief form on our website, and we’ll get right back to you almost immediately with an idea of what your Hublot is worth. If you decide you want to sell your Hublot watch, you’ll have your cash within 48 hours – the most cash any buyer will pay. Period.


Start the process right now, and be amazed at how much you can receive for your used Hublot.


When you stop to think about it, it really is hard to imagine how a brand-new luxury watch could become such an iconic product so quickly. It was only 1980 when Carlo Crocco decided to leave his uncle’s Italian watch company to start a new firm focusing on his own vision for high-end timepieces. That vision, surprisingly, combined a rubber strap with a gold case and a porthole design (“Hublot” is the French word for porthole), a combination never seen before in a luxury watch.


It took Croco three years and more than a million dollars in research fees to discover the right rubber; it was designed not to stain or crack, it was fused with steel for strength, and it was mixed with a rare vanilla to eliminate any unpleasant odor. Watch purists weren’t immediately impressed, but others were: the King of Greece, the King of Sweden, the Prince of Monaco. The Classic Hublot was impressive but not gauche, comfortable but still impressive. And the favor it found with royalty quickly translated into publicity – and soaring sales.


Copycat products hurt Hublot’s bottom line over time, despite the company’s release of new models like the Sport and the Elegance. Fortunately a designer beloved by purists, Jean Claude Biver, had separated from the luxury watch company Blancpain he had co-founded with Jacques Piguet of Audemars Piguet, and was searching for a new home. He joined Hublot and teamed up with Croco; they combined the materials and workmanship of the Hublot Classic with Biver’s futuristic designs and created the company’s signature Big Bang model.


Many versions of the Big Bang have been released since 2004, but all boast an unusual blend of materials like ceramics, gold and Kevlar – and of course, the signature rubber band – in fusion designs no other watchmaker can duplicate. The Hublot Big Bang is a timepiece immediately recognizable and hugely desirable; in fact many consumers wait nearly a year before being able to purchase one for a price well over $10,000.


Hublot has released other designs over time, many of them special editions created in conjunction with celebrities like Jay-Z and organizations like Formula 1 racing. They have all become classics in their own right and bring big prices when resold. However, original Hublot Classics and early Big Bang releases only last hours or days on the resale market before they have new owners.


Luxury Buyers has clients waiting for all of those models, so we’re perfectly positioned to make the biggest cash offers to anyone who wants to sell Hublot watches – and we pay cash within days. Contact us today through our simple online website form, for a no-obligation estimate of how much your used Hublot watch can put in your pocket in just one week from now.

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