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The most controversial luxury timepiece on the market is undoubtedly the Panerai. Many are taken with the unusual cushion shape, large size and striking look of the watch; others feel it’s simply a decent watch, heavily marketed on flash rather than substance.


Whether you’re a devoted fan or a critic, however, you’d have to agree that Panerai timepieces are highly desired and extremely valuable. And Luxury Buyers is uniquely positioned to serve those who want to sell Panerai watches for huge cash payouts. We have clients lined up to buy Panerai watches, so we’re ready to pay you more money for your pre-owned Panerai than you’d get from any pawn shop, jewelry store or other online buyer.


That Panerai you’ve had just sitting around or in storage could be worth tens of thousands of dollars. We can evaluate, appraise and make a firm offer on your old or inherited Panerai watch in just days.

There’s no mistaking a Panerai wristwatch; the oversized case, the simple layout of the face, the large crown guards, the clean lines of the timepiece and the solid construction distinguish a Panerai from any other luxury watch on the market. Add to that the enormous list of celebrities who show them off in public – everyone from Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton, to Heidi Klum and Wolfgang Puck – and you have a designer piece with upscale appeal. Finally, consider the fact that each model is generally produced in either limited or special editions, and you have all the ingredients of a timepiece which is always in demand and holds its value exceptionally well: a Panerai.


The company has only been producing watches for the consumer market since 1993, and some timepiece aficionados claim the brand doesn’t compare mechanically with other iconic watches such as Rolex and Patek Philippe.


But Panerai fans are so devoted to the brand that they are now described as ”Paneristis” – and they’re always in search of their next purchase. That’s one reason why so many of our clients are anxious to buy whenever we acquire a pre-owned Panerai, and why we’re willing to pay top-of-the-market prices to people who want to sell Panerai watches.


We have a huge demand for all Luminor and Radiomir models, as well as less-common ones like the Marina and Scuderia. Naturally, we can pay the most for Panerai wristwatches in very good condition, complete with documentation and original boxes. That doesn’t mean we don’t want your Panerai in need of some tender loving care. It’s just the opposite; we very much want to buy Panerai watches in any condition, with or without original documents, because our clients will snap them up. So we’ll pay you more than anyone else – in cash, within days. It’s as simple as that.


You can start the process just by filling out the form on our website, and we’ll get back to you almost immediately with a preliminary estimate. The next step is to send your Panerai to us for a full evaluation and firm offer, and you can have the cash within days. You’re completely covered throughout, since we pay the shipping charges (including the cost of returning your watch if you don’t accept our offer) and we fully insure your watch from start to finish.


If you’ve even given a little thought to selling the Panerai watch you’ve inherited or stopped wearing, you owe it to yourself to at least find out what it’s worth, don’t you? Luxury Buyers is ready to give you an honest appraisal and the highest offer available anywhere, today.


One of the most amazing things about the popularity, high resale value and cult following for Panerai watches is that they’ve been available for purchase by the public for less than a quarter of a century. The company, however, has been selling and manufacturing timepieces since the mid-to-late 19th century; that history is behind much of the mystique of the Panerai brand.


Giovanni Panerai founded his eponymous firm (actually known as Officine Panerai) in Florence and it quickly became known as a top Italian watchmaking company, even though many of the movements for his timepieces came from elsewhere. In the early 1900s, the company focused on manufacturing innovative mechanical and optical products for the Italian Navy, and worked together with Rolex (with Rolex actually doing most of the work) to produce timekeeping products. These included the iconic Radiomir watch, whose name was derived from the radioactive element radium used to create “glow in the dark” numerals, designed for the arduous conditions encountered by the Royal Italian Navy and renowned for their accuracy. Panerai was recognized as a leader in the field and emulated by military manufacturers worldwide.


The post-World War II period saw a decline in Panerai’s fortunes, and the company eventually concentrated primarily on activities unrelated to timekeeping; only a limited number of watches were created for the Italian and Egyptian navies. However, in the early 1990s the company observed the great success Rolex enjoyed with its line of dive watches, and realized that it had an advantage which it could use in launching a consumer line of wristwatches: the strong Panerai military heritage.


Panerai engineers went through its prototypes and catalogs and designed three watches for sale to consumers, two of them based on the World War II era Luminor. Backed by a very small marketing budget, the watches went basically unnoticed – until Sylvester Stallone wore one in the movie “Daylight.” He liked it so much that he not only wore it regularly, but bought many more and gave them to friends and associates like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also wore them publicly and in films.


The ensuing publicity convinced a large firm (now known as Richemont, S.A.) to purchase Panerai in 1997 for $1.5 million dollars and move operations to Switzerland. Backed by significant development and marketing pushes, in addition to word-of-mouth stemming from Panerai’s “celebrity appeal,” sales of the watches (now marketed and priced as a luxury timepiece) took off. More and more models based on iconic Italian Navy designs were released, most of them in limited editions. With the concurrent growth of the Internet and online communities devoted to the company’s products, there was more attention paid to Panerai watches than ever. Fewer than 2,000 watches were produced by the company between 1993 and 1997; fifteen years later, Panerai was selling more than 70,000 luxury wristwatches per year.


Today, vintage World War II Panerai watches (which, as you’ll remember, were never sold to the public) are extraordinarily valuable and sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars when they come onto the market. But pre-owned watches from the “new” Panerai era which began in 1993, are very much in demand and command top dollar. Luxury Buyers regularly purchases timepieces from those looking to sell Panerai watches, and pays more for them than any other buyer.

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