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It’s unlikely you have a Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication watch hiding somewhere in your bureau drawer – after all, there was only one ever made (in 1933) and a Qatari sheik bought it for $11 million dollars in 1999.


You shouldn’t expect to receive $11 million dollars, but chances are that the Patek Philippe wristwatch you do own is worth a lot more than you ever imagined, even if it’s a little nicked up or even if it doesn’t work anymore. Pre-owned timepieces crafted by the iconic Swiss company are among those most sought-after by collectors, and people who sell Patek Philippe watches to Luxury Buyers often find that we can pay them almost as much as the original retail price – because we pay more for luxury watches than any other buyer.


That Patek Philippe you inherited from a family member or put away after you bought a newer “toy,” could bring you big money in less than a week.


Interest in Patek Philippe watches has never been higher. A recent report by the Digital Luxury Group, which monitors sales of all luxury items, finds that Patek Philippe dominates the so-called “haute horlogerie” category of modern, ultra-luxury timepieces with nearly 25% of the market. But public fascination with this time-honored brand goes far beyond the ultra-modern watches which can be called haute horlogerie.


Classic Patek Philippe models are the perfect combination of beauty and unparalleled workmanship. And since so few are crafted each year (some estimate that fewer than a million have been made since Antoni Patek began making watches in 1839) they hold their value better than any wristwatch ever made, with many even accumulating substantially. Some $300 Patek Philippe watches from the 1950s are now worth more than $20,000, and $3000 models from the 1970s can now fetch more than $50,000.


That’s the best reason for you to dig out that used Patek Philippe watch you’ve tucked away and don’t wear anymore, and find out how much it’s really worth. Luxury Buyers is one of the world’s largest purchasers of luxury watches and we’re particularly interested in speaking with anyone who wants to sell Patek Philippe watches, whether they’re classic vintage models or were bought more recently.


Our expert appraisers deal extensively with Patek Philippe pieces, so they’ll be able to immediately evaluate their true worth – recognizing hidden value that your local pawn shop or jewelry store could never see. Even more importantly, because we have so many repeat clients anxious to buy Patek Philippe watches we are able to pay unheard-of prices for pre-owned timepieces, even if they’re not in optimal condition.


You risk absolutely nothing when you sell Patek Philippe watches to Luxury Buyers. The initial evaluation is done online, by submitting a simple form with any documentation you have available. We contact you almost immediately with a preliminary evaluation and invitation to send your watch for a full appraisal at our expense (we pay all shipping fees and full insurance). We’ll make a firm offer and if you accept, you’ll have the cash within two days. Otherwise we’ll return your watch and you’ll know exactly what it’s worth for future reference. There’s no hassle, no risk, no cost and no obligation, and the process takes only days from the time you contact us.


The amazing workmanship seen in every Patek Philippe watch dates back to the company’s origin, when Patek joined with Adrien Philippe in 1851 and began specializing in the crafting of luxury watches. The same traditional case manufacturing techniques used by the company in the 19th century are still used today (even though the Stern family took over ownership in 1932), every part of each movement is still hand-finished – in fact, every Patek Philippe timepiece is still made completely in-house, just as was the case more than 150 years ago. That’s a claim no other watchmaker can make; the firm owns more than 70 patents on its components and processes, and takes between one and two years to manufacture each of its watches. The average retail price of a Patek Philippe is around $17,000.


Many of the small details which Patek and Philippe obsessed over are still seen in today’s models: the hand-polished hands on the face, the faceted batons, the understated elegance. For that reason, there’s a certain timelessness to Patek Philippe watches; the model you own is similar in many ways to those owned by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 1800s, Albert Einstein, Prince Charles and Pope Pius in the 1900s, and Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt in the 2000s.


Patek Philippe holds true to its historical standards, yet has been responsible for many of the most important developments in timepiece technology. The split-second hand, the perpetual calendar, the minute repeater and the silicon escapement wheel were all important technological advances pioneered by the company over the years.


Even today, with Patek watches in such high demand, the company strictly limits the number of wristwatches it produces each year. In 2012, for example, only 50,000 were released for sale; the high retail prices charged by the high-end dealers who sell Patek Philippe watches are maintained by such a low supply, which also helps explain the exceptionally high prices we pay to those who want to sell their pre-owned Patek Philippe watches.


One surprising accomplishment the company has managed to achieve throughout its history is the continuing release of new styles which at first seem to be “unlike” Patek Philippe, but quickly become accepted, appreciated and even iconic in their own right. The Nautilus of the 1970s and the Aquanaut from the 1990s are just two examples of timepieces which drew their share of initial criticism but quickly became beloved. How can that happen? Simply put, despite their groundbreaking styles, they still were Pateks with all of the unmatched workmanship, detail and excellence of the models which preceded them.


Luxury Buyers purchases all of these models, and many more. If you want to sell Patek Philippe watches we want to buy them, and will make you the absolute top cash offer you’ll receive anywhere. Fill out our simple online form to start the process right now.

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