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No single piece of brand name jewelry says “quality” more than when you sell a Rolex watch. And few previously-owned luxury timepieces will return nearly as much on an initial investment than a vintage Rolex.


Luxury Buyers is one of the world’s dealers in vintage and limited edition Rolex pieces, with an enormous clientele ready and waiting to buy the timepieces we acquire. That’s why we pay top dollar to people like you who want to sell Rolex watches; we know we’ll find new owners for them immediately.


Because we deal so extensively with Rolexes, we have the knowledge to fully evaluate and appraise your watch. We’ll immediately understand its history, uniqueness and value, and pay you more cash than any other buyer.


Rolex watches hold their original value much better than most other luxury brands; Patek Philippe is the only other brand which even comes close. Stainless steel and sports watches usually return the greatest percentage of purchase price when you sell a Rolex watch, but those made from precious metals or designed as dress watches are also quite valuable, and Luxury Buyers is prepared to make the biggest offer for them that you’ll be able to find anywhere.


A pre-owned Rolex in perfect condition will, of course, be worth more than a damaged one. However, you’d be surprised how much cash you can receive when you sell Rolex watches which are showing their age.


Luxury Buyers doesn’t just buy vintage or limited edition Rolexes in pristine condition. We are prepared to make a substantial offer for your used Rolex watch if it has dings, a cracked crystal, or even if it isn’t currently working. Our buyers understand that the true value of a Rolex is in its superb materials and workmanship, and that they can own a highly-desirable, previously-owned timepiece restored to its near-original condition for much less than they would pay for a new luxury watch.


So if you’ve had a broken Rolex sitting abandoned in a bureau, jewelry box or safe-deposit box, or if you’ve inherited one from a family member, you can turn it into a huge cash payout from Luxury Buyers in just days.


The process is simple and risk-free. It starts when you take just a few minutes to fill out our online form to request an initial evaluation, describing the Rolex for sale (and attaching any pictures or copies of documentation that you have). We’ll get right back to you by phone or email with a preliminary valuation; if you’d like to continue the process, you’ll be able to send your timepiece to us for a full appraisal and firm offer. We fully insure your watch and we pay all shipping fees, so there’s no risk whatsoever.


We’ll quickly prepare a firm cash offer, and if you decide to go ahead and sell your Rolex watch you’ll have the money in less than 48 hours. If you decide to keep the timepiece we’ll pay to ship it right back to you, still completely insured.


Since there’s no risk, you can’t lose – you can only win when you sell Rolex watches to Luxury Buyers. We fully protect you throughout the process and pay the largest amount of cash that you’ll receive anywhere.


Why is Rolex revered so much more than other big-name luxury timepiece manufacturers like TAG Heuer, Patek Phillipe and Hublot? And why are their watches worth so much more at resale? The answers lie in the company’s history, its innovation, and its dedication to crafting high-quality mechanical timepieces.


The company was founded by brothers-in-law Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf in London in 1905 to package and sell timepieces with components made by others. They operated under the name Wilsdorf and Davis for about ten years, eventually changing the name to Rolex and moving to Switzerland.


During those early years, however, Wilsdorf also focused on the task of creating his own precision watch movements – with great success. Wristwatches were still in their relative infancy, but his products received prestigious certifications for chronometric precision from the official Swiss Watch Rating Center and the Kew Observatory in Britain, the first wristwatches ever so honored. It was then that Rolex first earned the reputation for quality it still enjoys today.


Rolex continued to innovate with a number of impressive, publicly-celebrated “firsts.” They include the world’s first waterproof wristwatch (and the first which was waterproof to a depth of 100 meters), the first with a date which changed automatically (and the first with days and dates which both changed on their own), and the first to display times in multiple time zones.


The true measure of Rolex’s innovation isn’t a date and time display, however. For example, Rolex was the first watchmaker to use a “perpetual rotor” to create self-winding timepieces. That’s not just a convenience for the wearer; it also increases the reliability of the works inside because power from the mainspring is applied more consistently. The perpetual rotor is still the centerpiece of Rolex craftsmanship today, a major reason why the company’s watches are so distinctive and accurate.


Rolex engineers were also key contributors to the 1960s Swiss project which developed the quartz movement technology for watches so important in the industry, even though Rolex only used the technology briefly in several models, notably the Oysterquartz.


The final reason Rolexes are so revered (and so expensive) is the company’s continuing dedication to quality. All materials are selected according to very strict standards, and after a watch is crafted it is sent to the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute for a 15-day process of certifying the precision and accuracy of the timepiece so it can legally be called a chronometer. It then undergoes further testing by Rolex technicians before it is ready for sale. This focus on the quality of individual timepieces has been a hallmark of the company for more than 100 years.


It takes more than a year to construct each Rolex timepiece, under rigorous guidelines and standards. That makes it easy to understand why new watches can sell for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.


It also explains why Luxury Buyers clients are willing to pay those same kinds of prices when we sell Rolex watches which have been pre-owned – and why we are able to pay you so much when you sell your used Rolex watch to us. We pay the most cash available anywhere, even for timepieces which aren’t in prime condition. Learn how much your Rolex or other luxury goods are worth by filling out our simple online form now.

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