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J.J. Redick recently done an interview with WWD about his hobby of watch collecting. The LA Clippers star said that he started collecting watches after buying the Rolex Datejust watch in 2006 which was his first watch. He now has 13 watches in his collection.

If there is one thing we know about… it’s Rolex watches. We know that they hold their value for a very long time and we know that there are plenty of Rolex collectors out there waiting for your Rolex Datejust watch. You can start the process of selling your Datejust watch by simply filling out a quick form on our website. We will then send you your initial quote almost immediately. If you decide to continue to the next stage, you will need to send the watch to us which we will pay the shipping for. After we have looked at your watch more closely, we will provide you with a final quote. If you accept, we can have the cash in your bank in just a couple of days. If you decide not to sell, we will send the watch back to you at no cost to you.

Rolex is a privately held company that was founded in 1905. It was a very popular in the early 1900’s with many people wanting to be seen wearing a Rolex watch and is still just as popular, if not more. It was originally founded in London, United Kingdom after Hans Wilsdorf, a German watchmaker, moved to London and started the company with his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis.

Roughly 3 years after starting the company, they opened up a new office in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland due to increased war taxes during World War 1. Their current headquarters being based in Geneva, Switzerland. They sell over 700,000 watches worldwide and have generated a massive $4.6 billion in sales. Rolex was originally names Wilsdorf & Davis before changing to Rolex during the same year they moved to Switzerland.

There is a wide variety of Rolex Datejust watches with all of them having different designs and materials. The Datejust 36 watch for example is steel and yellow gold, steel and white gold, steel and everose gold, everose gold and diamonds and many more different designs. There is also the Datejust 2 watch which comes in steel and yellow gold, steel, and steel and white gold.

The Rolex Datejust watch has been around for many eras and still remains a very fashionable and popular choice of watch. The Datejust 36 in steel and yellow gold really is the epitome of Rolex with its durable and strong steel and its lustrous gold. The quality of the materials used to make this watch is why they hold their value for such a long time.

The Datejust 36 watch has used a jubilee bracelet since 1945 and is made up of 5 interlinking pieces fur extra hold and comfort. This bracelet looks great when the watch is made up of two metals such as steel and white gold or steel and everose gold.

If you’re ready to sell your Rolex Datejust watch then head to the Sell Your Watches page and fill in your details for an almost instant preliminary quote.

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