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The Rolex Milgauss watch is an amazing piece of technology as it was made to be anti-magnetic. You may be wondering what use that has to anyone but it was originally designed for atomic scientists working at the CERN lab in Geneva. The original was one of the strangest looking watches Rolex has made with it having lightning bolt hands and a textured black watch face. The Milgauss watch has changed a lot since its revival in 2007 with those lightning bolt hands having been removed. The technology is still better than ever though with the watch being able to keep perfect time while in a magnetic environment.

Whether you have a vintage Milgauss watch or the new Rolex Milgauss watch, we are able to buy it. We are proud to be able to offer you a better price than anywhere else and are able to bank wire your cash within just a few days. Even if you’re not quite ready to sell, we bet you are wondering how much your watch is worth. We will be able to tell you as we provide you with an instant preliminary quote after you have submitted a few details on our website.

There are three lines of watches under the Rolex name including the Oyster Perpetual line, the Professional line and the Cellini line. The Cellini line was designed to be more ‘dressy’ whereas the others are more for functionality. Under these lines have the many different Rolex watch collections which many have a specific purpose such as the Daytona collection which was designed for those who love to drive, the GMT Master collection for those who travel between different time zones often, and the Sea Dweller collection for those who need a reliable waterproof wristwatch.

Prices can range heavily for Rolex watches from just $650 to a massive $75,000 when bought new. However there was one Rolex watch that surpassed all the others in terms of price range with the Rolex GMT Ice costing an astounding $485,350. The timekeeping of their watches is that reliable that the likes of Wimbledon and the Australian Open use them as their official time keeper.

The Rolex Milgauss collection is one those that was designed with a specific purpose rather than for fashion. It was purposefully designed so that scientists who work in electromagnetic environments could keep track of time. The Milgauss is made with technology that resists being magnetic which is what makes this collection of watches so unique and sought after.

The Milgauss watch was first launched in 1956 but has changed a lot since then including its size and shape. However the technology behind the watch still remains the same and will avoid any damage that would otherwise happen from being in an electromagnetic environment. All the watches in the collection are made from a soft iron Faraday cage but there are different colored watch faces available including black, blue and white.

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