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If you own a Rolex Sky Dweller watch then you will already know of its advanced technology that is all contained within its simplicity. The Sky Dweller watch is one of the most complicated watches to have been manufactured by Rolex. It is able to keep track of the time in two different time zones as well as having an automatic annual calendar. With all this going on, it is surprising yet pleasing to see that Rolex managed to keep the style of the watch down to earth.


If you are looking to sell your Rolex Sky Dweller, we are ready to buy it and offer you the highest offer for your timepiece. All you need to do is simply fill out a quick form. We will send you an instant quote that is only based on the details you provide us with. We are able to give a final quote once you have sent the watch to us. We will pay for shipping costs and will also return the watch to you free of charge if you decide to keep your watch instead.


Rolex is a name almost everyone in the world has heard of and for a good reason. Many people wish to own a Rolex which is why there is so many counterfeits on the market. Even O.J. Simpson wore a counterfeit Rolex during his murder trial. Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law Alfred Davis were the co-founders of Rolex which was founded in 1905 and was originally called Wilsdorf & Davis.


Later on in the early 1900’s they decided to change the name of their watch making company to Rolex which is how we know it today. They wanted to create a name that could be easily pronounced throughout many languages and also small enough to print on the face of their watches. One other reason why Rolex was the chosen name was because when the letters within the name are capitals, they are at the same height which adds a sort of symmetry to their watches.


The Rolex Sky Dweller watch is one of the most modern watch designs from Rolex with it only being first released in 2012. While Rolex have the GMT Master watch for those who often travel between different time zones, they created the Sky Dweller as a kind of upgrade for the likes of pilots rather than travelers.


The Sky Dweller watch was the first newly designed watch for many years from Rolex so it was certainly a highly anticipated watch that did not let anyone down. This very flashy sports watch was built with dual time so you can see the times from two time zones and also has an annual calendar which will automatically tell you the date. You can either get this watch in a metal bracelet or in a leather bracelet depending on which you are most comfortable with. There are also different colored watches faces to choose from as well.

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