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The Rolex Submariner watch almost became an instant classic for divers when it was first released in 1953. Throughout the years the Rolex Submariner watch has changed in both design and technology with watches being made larger and the unique introduction of the date display. The latest design changes made to the Submariner watch were in 2010 when Rolex made the hour markers bigger and increased the width of the minute hand.

The Rolex Submariner watches, whether 60 years old or 1 year old, are much desired and tend to hold their value very well. If you’re looking to sell your Submariner watch to add a new timepiece to your collection or for any other reason, we will buy it from you. We will provide you with a preliminary quote before shipping your watch to us. If you decide to proceed then we will pay for the shipping cost for you to send your watch to us. Once we have inspected the watch, we can then provide you with a final quote.

Rolex was original founded in London, United Kingdom by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis but then moved to Geneva, Switzerland during World War 1 to escape the ever increasing war taxes and also because the cost of gold was rising significantly in the United Kingdom. Rolex was also originally called Wilsdorf & Davis before changing their name to Rolex after moving the company to Geneva.

Rolex has become such a global phenomenon after continually creating innovative and never before seen wristwatches such as the Rolex Oyster watch which was the first ever waterproof wristwatch ever invented in 1926 and the Rolex Day-Date which in 1956 was the ever wristwatch to have both an automatically changing date and automatically changing day.

While the first ever self-winding watch was produced in 1928, it wasn’t until 1931 that Rolex made self-winding watches that were available to the general public. They continue to innovate and inspire the watch making industry even today.

The Rolex Submariner was very first introduced in 1953 and was a waterproof watch that could go underwater as far as 1,000 ft. As well as being water resistant, the type of steel the watch is made of is used in aerospace technologies and is highly resistant to corrosion which is important for divers so they get a longer life out of their watches. This watch is known to be an absolute classic and is one of the watches from Rolex that is mostly counterfeited. The Rolex Submariner was named as the most successful diver’s watch of all time which is why it is still so high in demand.

It comes in a number of different designs including the all steel bracelets, the steel and yellow gold bracelets and the all white gold bracelets. As well as having different bracelet options to choose from there are also different colored faces such as black, blue and diamond.

No matter what age or design your Rolex Submariner watch is; if it is real, we will buy it!

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