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Rolex watches have been around for decades with millions of people around the world sporting them on their wrist. Some Rolex lovers simply love the idea of having a classic vintage Rolex watch that is no longer in production. You may see your old Rolex watch as just being old but others see it as being vintage which is a well sought after feature with Rolex watches.

The value of Rolex watches remains very high even decades later, so that ‘old’ watch that hasn’t seen daylight in however many years could actually be a nice little cash generator for you. You can start the process of selling your vintage Rolex watch by filling out our form. Once you have done this, we will immediately send you an initial quote. If you decide to sell then the next stage is to send the watch to us so we can provide you with a final quote.

The reason why the value holds so well with Rolex watches is because they are the most successful watch making company in history and have continued to create firsts in wristwatches since the early 1900’s. Some of those firsts include the Rolex Datejust watch which in 1945 was the first ever wristwatch to have an automatically changing date and the Rolex GMT Master watch which in 1954 was the first ever wristwatch to have the time in two different time zones.

Hans Wilsdorf, the co-founder of Rolex, tested his waterproof wristwatch in style by attaching it to the Trieste, a Bathyscaphe, and sent it 11,000 meters to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The watch still kept perfect time even after reaching the depth underwater. There are a number of different collections available from Rolex with each having their own specific purpose such as the Rolex Submariner which was created for divers, the Rolex Explorer watch which created for hardy explorers, and the Rolex GMT Master which was created for those who often travel across time zones.

A vintage Rolex watch is considered to be roughly older than 25 years and can be from any of the different Rolex watch collections such as the ever popular Rolex Day-Date watch, the stylish Dayjust Lady watch and the classic Rolex Submariner watch. There are also many more collections that are classed as vintage Rolex watches and with many different bracelet and face designs.

There are vintage Rolex watches that have an all steel bracelet, the classic steel and yellow gold bracelet, the all yellow gold bracelet and the unique all white gold bracelet. As well as the different metal bracelets, vintage Rolex watches also have many different colored faces such as the contrasting black, the statement champagne, a beautiful silver and the stunning diamond face.

Whichever vintage Rolex watch you have, we will be able to buy it. We can even have the money to you within a matter of days.

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